Fight Knight Kickstarter

While clearing my daily YouTube subscription viewing list I stumbled across a promising game recommended by the Two Best Friends guys. It’s called Fight Knight and the name fits the premise perfectly! You play as an ex-gladiator knight who’s goal is to climb a recently ascended tower filled with skeletons and mythical beasts. The game combines retro dungeon crawling with fast-paced punching combat, and BOY does it feel great!


Fight Knight started its development at the beginning of 2017 after it’s cofounders, Thomas and Zeke, were inspired by 1v1 Dark Souls fisticuff brawls. It plays off a retro style but throws in an excellent artstyle and bouncy animations. You’ll walk around mysterious corridors, trigger fights, and punch your way through skeletons, wizards, and beasts to progress. Fighting relies on your ability to juggle multiple opponents with different attack patterns, similar to the PSVita title Severed (another game I highly recommend). Fight Knight is just so unique and stylized with it’s presentation and I can’t keep my eyes off it!


The game just got released to Kickstarter and these talented people DESERVE some support. They’ve already met their funding goal, but hey, the more money they get the better product we’ll receive! It would be amazing if Fight Knight became the next Shovel Knight! That actually brings up a good question… who would win in a fight? Do I sense a potential crossover?! One can dream!

Visit the Kickstarter page and download the free demo HERE

Watch gameplay from Two Best Friends Play HERE (strong language warning)


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