Vanquish PC Release

(Originally published to Dreambubble May 13, 2017)

This week Sega and Platinum Games confirmed that Vanquish will be ported over to PC via Steam and will be released on May 25th. I’m personally stoked for this port because this is one of my favorite games on the PS3!


In case you’ve never heard of Platinum Games, they’re a Japanese game studio who’s developed popular games like NieR: Automata, Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising, and MadWorld. Platinum is highly acclaimed in the beat-’em-up genera with their games having deep mechanics and overall high polish. They’ve been known to release console-exclusive games, however they’ve recently been porting their most popular games to PC. Last month the first Bayonetta was released on Steam and now this month it’s Vanquish’s turn!


Vanquish is a sci-fi 3rd-person shooter set in the near future where military robots, cyborgs, and space stations are being developed. An evil Russian Federation has invaded a giant space station and used it’s laser to microwave San Francisco. They demand the unconditional surrender of the US or else New York City will be the next target. The protagonist, Sam Gideon, must join the US military on a mission to take back the space station and save the scientist who created it, Dr. Candide.

The story is your typical hollywood bluckbuster action plot, but the real meat is in the gameplay. Sam is equipped with an Augmented Reaction Suit (ARS) which turns him into a human jet engine. You can slow down time to aid shooting and boost behind cover at blistering speeds. The only catch is you must manage your engine temperature and avoid overheating. These excellent mechanics turn an otherwise typical 3rd-person cover shooter into a unique and extremely fun experience!



Despite the innovative and fresh gameplay mechanics presented at the time, this game was mostly overlooked because of the lack of multiplayer, corny dialogue, and short campaign length. A lot of fans (including myself) are hoping that this new release will spark a resurgence and give this game the credit and attention it deserves. Who knows, if this port sells well enough for Sega there may be a chance for the Vanquish sequel fans have been dreaming of for years!

For now though, you can pre-order Vanquish on Steam for 20 dollars. If you’d like to try the game without forking over any cash, there’s a free wave survival demo available to download on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Click HERE to visit the Vanquish Steam page!

Have any of you played Vanquish or any other Platinum game? Leave a reply and share your experience!


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