Nidhogg 2! What’s to hate?

(Originally published to Dreambubble on September 29, 2016)

If you guys haven’t heard, Nidhogg 2 has just been announced! Nidhogg is a multiplayer sword-fighting game described as a “tug of war”. You use divekicks, stabs, and rolls to get to the other side of the screen while your opponent tries the opposite!


It’s a very fun game, especially on couch multiplayer, and it sounds like everybody would love a sequel… right? Well judging by the like to dislike ratio, no. What’s the reason for this? Did they mess up the gameplay? Did they remove a key feature? Have the developers offended their fans? I’ll let you watch the announcement trailer and guess…

As you can clearly see they diverted from the Atari artstyle and went for a meaty, cartoony variant. This has created a huge split in the community with some liking and others disliking this new style. As of the publication of this thread, the video sits with 422 likes and 643 dislikes on the Messhof channel.

This upsets me quite a bit. I understand that everyone has their opinions and are more than willing to share them, however that’s not an acceptable reason to completely tank the video with dislikes and hatred. First of all, everyone played the original Nidhogg for it’s outstanding and unique gameplay. We didn’t boot up the game for jaw-dropping graphics. Secondly, even if we disregard my first point, the animations and overall quality has improved upon the original. The devs clearly put a lot of time and effort into the visuals and they look smooth and stylistic. Finally, the goofy characters and setting match with the frantic and competitive gameplay. It’s not like they had identity confusion and botched the theme, hell, the game has had a flying, man-eating, unicorn worm! I think the artstyle matches that perfectly!


I’m not defending my love of this new artstyle or tearing down opposing opinions, I just want to spread awareness. Just because you don’t fancy a certain artstyle doesn’t mean you should bash on the game or the game’s developers, especially when it hasn’t even gotten past it’s announcement day! Even if it catches you by surprise, give it a chance because it could be a great experience you can grow to admire.

With that said, what are your thoughts on the new Nidhogg? Have you played the original? Leave a reply below!


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