The Wonderful World of Abzû

(Originally posted to Dreambubble on August 3, 2016)

Earlier today I was surfing the web and noticed how much praise Abzû was getting after it’s release. I was familiar with the game after it’s appearance at E3 but wasn’t convinsed it would be worth adding to my library. Despite this, I decided to follow my gut and go in blind. After finishing it in one sitting, it truly took my breath away like no other game has.


Unlike my Inside thread, I really have no backstory to give about Abzû. When I said I went in blind, I wasn’t lying! I’ve never played Flower or Journey and had no bias towards the art director, so I really had no clue what to expect. Like Inside, Abzû relies heavily on atmosphere and character interaction but has a completely opposite theme. Instead of running, climbing, and swinging for your life, you’re diving, exploring, and riding fish peacefully. I streamed my entire gameplay (you can watch the first 20 mins here and the rest of it here) and there were many parts where I was truly awestruck with the visuals dropping my jaw to the floor. I’ve never seen so many colorful fish fill my monitor before and it is beautiful. The controls are also smooth as butter and allow you to freely swim around without getting stuck on geometry. Even though this game is labeled as a “diving simulator” I think it’s far from it as I got huge sci-fi fantasy vibes as the story unfolded. This story will also hit your feels like a ton of bricks, so be prepared!

My only disclaimer that, yes, this is another $20 artsy-fartsy interpretation game that not everyone will enjoy, but you’re also talking to someone who regularly plays arcade shooters. If someone like me can enjoy it, I’m sure many other people on this site will enjoy it too! (One last thing for you computer nerds out there, I was averaging at 45fps 1080p on medium graphics with an average PC so make sure your rig can handle this game!)

In conclusion: If you were planning on visiting Sea World, buy Abzû instead. You’ll get the same experience!

For more on Abzû, go to the official site!


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